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Orthodontie de la Posture

Orthodontics is the specialization of dental surgery which allows aligning teeth for an aesthetic or functional reason. The discipline has existed for more than a century. Whereas it initially only addressed children, it now addresses both children and adults.

Consultation reasons also have developed with time; nowadays, orthodontic therapy may be recommended for other than aesthetic and functional motives.

Indeed, for several years we have witnessed the introduction of the muscle in orthodontic therapy. This approach has produced what is commonly called today POSTURE ORTHODONTICS.

Why posture orthodontics?

Orthodontic therapy can improve posture either by rebalancing the person’s muscle tone or by improving his/her bearing, especially in the standing position.

A propos

L’odontologie du sport est la spécialité de la chirurgie dentaire qui s’attache à délivrer les thérapeutiques nécessaires aux sportifs. Cette discipline existe depuis une quarantaine d’année d’une thérapeutique de confort, elle est devenue aujourd’hui une spécialité médicale, indispensable dans un staff de suivi médical, surtout en ce qui concerne les athlètes d’élites.



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