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Orthodontie Compréhensive

Our specialization has tremendously developed these last few years, on the one hand on account of the increasing use of more sophisticated techniques of higher performance and on the other thanks to the integration of diagnostic methods permitting to avoid the recurrences and complications of the past.

To treat a child today can allow correcting several other related injuries which, until a very recent past, were not considered as orthodontically dependant.

We primarily mention:

  • behaviour or sleep disorders
  • limb asymmetry
  • ocular motricity injuries
  • pathologies of the respiratory tracts
  • temporo-mandibular joint dysfunctions

We can no longer be unaware of all these elements nowadays in the orthodontic treatment of children.

In addition, any recommended therapy will have to be preceded by a comprehensive diagnostic approach.

A propos

L’odontologie du sport est la spécialité de la chirurgie dentaire qui s’attache à délivrer les thérapeutiques nécessaires aux sportifs. Cette discipline existe depuis une quarantaine d’année d’une thérapeutique de confort, elle est devenue aujourd’hui une spécialité médicale, indispensable dans un staff de suivi médical, surtout en ce qui concerne les athlètes d’élites.



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