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Odontologie du Sport

This field of odontology which has been practiced for more than forty years is being more and more considered today as a separate specialization, requiring perfect knowledge of the various areas of odontology intervention and a mastery of the interactions between sports medicine and odontology.

In addition, understanding the techniques of sports practice and training can be highly useful to the sports odontologist.

This discipline emerged in France and in 1978 the French Association of Sports Dentistry was founded. This was followed in 1996 by the creation of the Tunisian Association of Sports Odontology which organized the first world congress of sports dentistry in 1998 in La Marsa (Tunisia).

This congress was the first event towards establishing an international system governing sports odontology which was later achieved at the international congress of sports odontology held in Germany.

Many other national as well as international events have been organized and have allowed spreading knowledge as much among health professionals as among sportsmen.

In fact, sports odontology has moved from the status of curative discipline to that of a specialization of preventive therapies.

A propos

L’odontologie du sport est la spécialité de la chirurgie dentaire qui s’attache à délivrer les thérapeutiques nécessaires aux sportifs. Cette discipline existe depuis une quarantaine d’année d’une thérapeutique de confort, elle est devenue aujourd’hui une spécialité médicale, indispensable dans un staff de suivi médical, surtout en ce qui concerne les athlètes d’élites.



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